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Pro Home Gym Equipment All-In-One Smart Pocket Gym, Portable Cable Machine with 4.4-44Lbs Resistance Bands, Eccentric and Concentric Available, 6 Training Modes & APP Assistant

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  • Compact and Travel-Friendly: PUMP's lightweight and compact design, weighing a mere 700g and measuring just 10cm wide, makes it your perfect workout companion on the go. Effortlessly fits in your backpack, suitcase, or overnight bag, taking up less space than a pair of shoes. Plus, with a fully charged PUMP, you can power through a week's worth of full workouts. At 100% battery, it can endure 500 reps at 44lbs (20kg), ensuring you stay on track with efficient charging.
  • Innovative Built-in Motor for Balanced Training: Experience the power of PUMP's cleverly designed motor, meticulously crafted to engage every muscle evenly and provide you with stable, adjustable resistance. This scientific approach ensures a workout experience that's both secure and unmatched. Harness your workout energy to generate real electricity, or use it to charge your iPhone or Android device. Simply connect your phone, tap the Power Generation button, and give your phone battery a boost.
  • Versatile Eccentric and Concentric Resistance: PUMP offers the incredible flexibility of choosing between eccentric and concentric resistance. This means you can target the burn on the way up, down, or evenly on both phases of your workout. Explore PUMP's 4 training modes: Concentric, Eccentric, Constant, and Chain, to tailor your fitness routine to your preferences.
  • Extensive Training Support on Our App: PUMP provides access to an extensive library of over 100+ videos and courses, guiding you through every movement with precision. The PUMP fitness app tracks your progress and recommends training tutorials tailored to your needs, helping you level up and address your weaknesses.
  • Safety and Durability at the Core: Engineered with your safety in mind, PUMP's rope maintains a steady, controlled pace even if you release it, preventing rope burns and hand injuries. Meanwhile, our patented motor design ensures the longevity of your PUMP, delivering precise resistance throughout its lifetime. Trust in PUMP for a safer and more durable fitness experience.

From the manufacturer

Comprehensive Training

Elevate your fitness with the UNITREE PUMP, your all-in-one solution for a comprehensive full-body workout. Target every major muscle group from legs, back, chest, to abs and arms with over 100+ accessible tutorials.

Customizable Resistance

Scale up your strength training with our adaptable PUMPs. Easily combine up to 8 PUMPs for an impressive resistance of up to 352lbs (160kg), tailored to your fitness level.

Emergency Power

Stay connected even during your workout. Our innovative fitness gear offers reverse charging for your devices, a lifesaver in a pinch.

Comfort Grip Handle

Crafted from dirt-resistant material, our extended handles ensure a comfortable, secure grip for uninterrupted exercise.

Adaptive Loop Strap

With the versatile loop strap, secure the PUMP to any robust object or directly underfoot. Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, it offers flexibility and ease for any environment.

Door-Friendly Anchor

Attach the PUMP at any height with our door anchor, complete with a rubber sheet to safeguard your home from wear and tear.

Ankle Workouts

Don't neglect your lower body. Our ankle strap is designed for targeted leg and glute exercises, ensuring a balanced routine.