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Neoprene Workout Dumbbell,Neoprene Arm Weights with Non-Slip Grip, Strength Training Equipment Workout Weights for at Home or Gym Training

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  • 💕【Neoprene Covering】:Using unique high-quality high-grade rubber material, smooth but non-slip to grip,this material is easier to wipe and clean. A set of dumbbells is 2 .
  • 💙【Solid Cast Iron】The weight set made of a high-quality cast iron core to strengthen durability, toughness, and stability.Firm construction will not break or bend after repeated use.
  • 💛【Easy To Storage】:Unique upgrade design for dumbbell head, so that it occupies a smaller overall space.The upgraded hexagonal dumbbell can be placed anywhere without worrying about scrolling randomly.
  • 🖤【Hexagonal Shape】:The hexagonal shape of the dumbbell heads prevents the weights dumbbells set from rolling and is easy for stacking. Especially for at-home workout programs. Printed weight number on each end cap and color-coded for quick identification.
  • 💜【More ergonomic】:The handle is more comfortable to grip, and the non-slip grip design is upgraded.The High-quality material coating makes it gentle to grip and prevents calluses during using.

Product Description

IWORKOUT offers professional and robust products for all of your exercise workouts.

Whether you are setting up a home gym, or fitness area or you are starting your own public gym, IWORKOUT will be here to kit you out.

Shape up with our soft grip Neoprene Dumbbell. This strikingly colourful dumbbell has a premium finish and will aid a selection of workouts to improve your strength, fitness and overall health. Dumbbells are perfect for home and gym workouts, warm-ups or physiotherapy exercises, or any free weight training.

Suitable for upper body workouts - Ideal for warm-ups and general exercise

Add resistance training to your workouts with our Neoprene Dumbbell, Set of 2. Resistance training not only tones muscles and builds strength, but it can also burn calories, increase energy levels, protect bone health, and more.

Ideal for beginners and advanced fitness enthusiasts alike, IWORKOUT Neoprene Dumbbell, Set of 2 comes in a wide range of weights, from 0.5 Kg up to 7 Kg (each pair sold separately). Choose the right amount of weight for your routine, preference, and number of repetitions.

The dumbbells provide not only a clearly printed number on each end cap, referencing their weight, but they are also color coded for easy identification. Color-coding makes it possible to quickly grab the amount of weight you want—particularly useful when working with more than one set of weights.

Hexagon head design prevent dumbbells from rolling during training and perfect for exercises such as push up.

Thick durable color coded neoprene coating with printed weight number on the end caps for easy identification and provides a comfy grip on hands.

These dumbbells feature unique hexagonal heads, which help keep them in place on the floor. When set to the side during a workout, they won’t roll away or get under foot. They safely remain right where you left them for a safe workout environment and easy grabbing during your routine.

IWORKOUT Neoprene Workout Dumbbells not only help burn calories and build muscle, but are designed with safety in mind.

Featuring a durable, non-slip vinyl coating, you can confidently use the weights without fear of sweat loosening your grip or surfaces being damaged when you set them down.

Comfortable to hold and easy to clean between uses, these hand-held dumbbells come in a variety of eye-catching colours according to weight.