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METEOR Resistance Bands, Exercise Bands, Fitness Bands, Resistance Strap for Physical Therapy, Strength Training, Yoga, Pilates, Stretching, Latex Elastic Bands with Different Strengths, Workout Bands

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  • SELECT YOUR PREFERENCE - The Meteor Resistance Straps are tailored to fit your needs. Choose from individual vibrant colors (pink/blue/light-grey/mid-grey/dark-grey) or curated 3PC Sets (Lite/Heavy). Check the option name/image for clarity.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL UTILITY - From ramping up everyday exercise intensity, crafting tailored fitness regimens as a professional trainer, to providing therapeutic physiotherapy sessions, this resistance band is your go-to solution.
  • PRECISE RESISTANCE SPECTRUM - Measuring 2000mm x 150mm, each band’s thickness is meticulously designed to offer a targeted resistance level. Ideal for in-clinic sessions, home workouts, or exercise on-the-move.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE LENGTH & DESIGN - Experience unrivaled adaptability with the open-ended structure. Customize the length, form loops, or employ without alterations for a diverse workout landscape.
  • CARING FOR YOUR BAND - Ensure longevity by avoiding rough surfaces, sharp edges, or high temperatures. Stay within the recommended resistance spectrum and keep it pristine with a simple wipe post-use.

Product Description

METEOR Essential Open-Ended Resistance Straps

METEOR Essential Resistance Straps: Elevate your workout regime with our uniquely designed METEOR Essential Open-Ended Resistance Strap. Ditch the restrictions of conventional weight systems; our bands are your versatile fitness companion, whether at the clinic, home, or on-the-go.

Distinct from classic loop sets, its open-ended design offers you a broader spectrum of exercise possibilities. Create a resistance loop by tying both ends or maintain its elongated form for diverse routines.

Colors & Sets:

  • Single: Level 1 Pink | Level 2 Blue | Level 3 Light Grey | Level 4 Mid Grey | Level 5 Dark Grey
  • 3PCs Set: Lite (Blue, Pink, Light Grey) & Heavy (Light Grey, Mid Grey, Dark Grey)

For Everyone & Every Scenario:

  • Exercise Enthusiasts: Enhance your routine workouts, bridging the void left by traditional weights.
  • Pro Athletes: A refined tool for targeted workouts, boosting athletic performance.
  • Trainers & PTs: Compact yet potent, it's the preferred choice for tailoring unique sessions to clients' needs.
  • Rehab & Physiotherapy: With 2000mm length and user-friendly resistance, it's the go-to for physiotherapists crafting holistic recovery programs.

Elevate Your Mobile Workout Kit: Infuse unparalleled versatility into your fitness routine wherever you go.

All-In-One Fitness Solution: Despite its compactness, one set of these straps can adeptly cater to multiple athletes, marrying ease of replacement with boundless exercise potential.

  • Usage Tips for Longevity: For optimal durability, steer clear of sharp edges or rugged surfaces, and always operate within the strap's recommended resistance limits.
  • Customizing Your Strap: Need different lengths? Ensure a clean cut by using a sharp instrument, achieving a smooth finish devoid of frays.
  • Carry Bag: Set options include a handy bag, making on-the-go fitness a breeze.

METEOR Essential Open-Ended Resistance Straps

Resistance Specifications

  • LEVEL 1 Pink : 2.1kg Resistance @100% Stretch // 3.0kg Resistance @200% Stretch
  • LEVEL 2 Blue : 2.6kg Resistance @100% Stretch // 3.9kg Resistance @200% Stretch
  • LEVEL 3 Light Grey : 3.3kg Resistance @100% Stretch // 4.6kg Resistance @200% Stretch
  • LEVEL 4 Mid Grey : 4.6kg Resistance @100% Stretch // 6.9kg Resistance @200% Stretch
  • LEVEL 5 Dark Grey : 6.5kg Resistance @100% Stretch // 9.5kg Resistance @200% Stretch
  • Visualize Your Gains: Transition through colors as you ascend in resistance levels, providing a tangible marker of your fitness journey.
  • Adaptable Strap Design: Utilize the band in its elongated form or simply tie its ends for a functional loop, catering to diverse exercises.
  • Multifunctional Fitness Tool: From muscle toning and strength training to post-workout relaxation, yoga, pilates, and therapeutic exercises - this strap has you covered.
  • Travel-friendly Dimension: Feather-light and compact, this strap seamlessly folds or rolls to fit any bag or pocket, ensuring workouts on-the-go.
  • Supreme Comfort: Designed for skin-friendly workouts, avoiding pinches and rolls during exercises.

Skin-friendly Material:

Our resistance bands are crafted from skin friendly material renowned for its gentle touch on the skin, supreme comfort, and exceptional elasticity.

Vibrant Color Spectrum

Choose from five distinct colors tailored to diverse preferences. These hues also serve as a quick reference for resistance levels, streamlining your workout selections.

Adaptable Resistance

With dimensions of 2000 x 150 mm, each strap can stretch beyond 200% of its original length, ensuring a scalable resistance to match your workout intensity.

Ultimate Portability

Feather-light and designed for convenience, these bands can compactly fold or roll to fit even the smallest spaces, be it a jacket pocket or gym tote.

Optimized Workouts with Flexibility:

Transition seamlessly from free weights to our METEOR Essential Resistance Strap, a must-have for those on the move. Whether you're an everyday fitness enthusiast seeking to intensify routines or an elite athlete craving precision training, this strap is the quintessential choice.

Trainer's Top Pick:

Ask any personal trainer; resistance bands are indispensable. Their compact nature combined with cost-effectiveness makes them perfect. Unlock unparalleled workout versatility and craft sessions finely tuned to individual client needs with our METEOR Essential strap.

Physiotherapist's Preferred Tool:

Ranked high among physiotherapy essentials, our open-ended resistance straps boast user-friendly resistance levels and an impressive 2000mm length. Its design allows for tailored recovery programs, catering to a diverse patient profile.