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Iso-Bow Pro Pair: Isometric Exercise Equipment; Portable Home Fitness Training Strap for Strength and Flexibility Gains, Traveling Stretching Tool for Yoga and Pilates (Does Not Stretch)

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  • Improve Your Flexibility – enhanced stretching easily, safely, and comfortably with durable straps that fit your lifestyle
  • Build Strength – Low Impact - Tone and strengthen your range of motion and mobility using Iso-Motion and controlled resistance
  • Portable – With your durable, light weight patented design, Iso-Bow can go anywhere. Take it to the gym, studio, or when you travel! Your perfect tool for all your fitness goals
  • Your Satisfaction Guaranteed – We stand behind our products and offer a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee and 5 Year Warranty

Product Description

Improve Your Flexibility | Strengthen and Tone Your Muscles | Relieve Your Tension and Stress | Boost Your Productivity | Improve Your Posture

Strengthen and Tone Your Muscles

ISO-BOW is designed as a convenient fitness device to save you time and money with simple, efficient options from stretching to total body fitness in minutes. We are confident you will benefit and enjoy your Iso-Bow and stand behind our proven principles.

Compact size gives you the choice to enjoy the benefits from the comforts of your home or on the go.

Bullworker uses isometric strength training techniques proven to engage more muscle fibers and improve your strength up to 66% faster than lifting weights.

At Bullworker, we believe people are happier and healthier with intentional movement. The world becomes a better place with exercise. For that reason, we listen, pay attention to detail and design high quality, user-friendly solutions to wellness. The result is simple and efficient fitness products fit for your lifestyle.

Since 1962, Bullworker has been a leader in functional strength exercise giving you low impact and convenient product(s) resulting in stronger bodies with greater flexibility and cardio for a healthier and more active lifestyle.

Thank you for choosing Bullworker to accomplish your fitness goals and get ready for a rapid transformation to your body!

What ISO-BOW Does for You

The Fastest Technique to Build Strength

Target any muscle for total body fitness.


Tone and strengthen your body improving your range of motion and mobility

Enhance Your Flexibility & Relieve Tension

Make Stretching Easier

Experience deeper stretching and make difficult stretches easier with comfort grip handles and durable straps.

Injury Prevention / Rehabilitation

Isometric strength training exercises do not require movements of the joints.

Complete control over resistance, ISO-BOW gives any fitness level the customized experience to accomplish your fitness goals.

Isometric strength training is highly effective and a safer form of resistance to strengthen your muscles without painful movements or further injury.

The Fastest Way to Improve Your Flexibility

PNF stretching, an advanced form of flexibility training, places your target muscle on stretch while performing an isometric contraction.

Studies show PNF stretching is a superior technique to static stretching when it comes to improving your range of motion.

In addition to rapidly increasing your flexibility compared to other forms of stretching, PNF stretching is also shown to help aid in muscle alignment and recovery after exercise.

What is Isometric Strength Training?

Isometric strength training is the fastest strength training principle in which the angle of your joint and length of your muscle do not change.

Isometrics are performed in static positions maximizing the given muscle contraction and minimizing joint movement. Isometric strength training is very effective for muscle, joint, and tendon strengthening.

Isometric strength training exercises only require between 60-80% of your maximum effort and held for 7 - 10 seconds for optimum results.

Why choose Iso Bow?

Iso-Bow is the ultimate fitness companion weighing only 3 OZ can go anywhere you do. Take it to your office, stay in shape while you travel, and enhance your fitness at home for maximum performance in any fitness discipline you choose. From enhanced stretches to total muscle exhaustion.

Perfect for Yoga, Pilates, Golf, Weightlifting or any of your exercise needs.

*The Iso-Bow is designed as a static fitness device giving you controlled resistance and durability – DOES NOT STRETCH because elastic/stretch does not give you controlled resistance and will break. We also provide videos and exercise charts to help you reach your goals.