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Heavy Resistance Bands 300Lbs, Weight Bands for Exercise with Handles, Door Anchor, Carry Bag, Workout Bands for Men, Physical Therapy, Muscle Training, Strength, Slim, Yoga, Home Gym Equipment

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  • 【300LBS GREAT TENSION】In order to meet the strength needs of people who love fitness, we have developed the world's first 300lbs resistance band suit, A real man's resistance band suit, it's here, do you dare to challenge it? The fitness bands can reach up to 300 pounds with 6 different resistance levels(25lbs, 35lbs, 45lbs, 55lbs, 65lbs 75lbs), You can freely combine our resistance bands according to your strength!
  • 【Resistance Bands Of High Versatility】HPYGN weight bands can almost meet all your needs. With certain exercises you can move forward or step back to make an exercise as tough as it needs to be. With the versatility of HPYGN weight lifting bands: you can perform certain exercise and target certain muscles that are incredibly hard to hit at home; replicate the movements from the likes of expensive cable machines from a gym. Get one set of bands , work your muscles in all directions!
  • 【Superior Resistance Exercise Bands】A great resistance bands set guarantees an enjoyable training! the 300lbs resistance band is of high durability and superior quality. Our resistant bands for exercise are made with a heavy - duty material that boasts excellent durability and stretchiness. Compared with regular workout bands, ours will not snap easily and provide superior resistance to help you gain actual muscle mass.
  • 【Heavy Duty Resistance Handles】For the handle to withstand over 300 pounds, the handle of the HPYGN heavy duty resistance band is made of thickened foam material, reinforced stitching and steel D-ring, the thickened foam material absorbs sweat and slips, which can protect our palms well and make the fitness experience better , so that you can get a better experience and a sense of security during exercise.
  • 【Convenient and Encouraging Mobility】Are you bothered by expensive gym fees? Are you fed up with the heavy traffic on your way to the gym? Only a set of resistance bands and a door anchor needed - You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish with a set of tension bands.You can literally throw them in your bag and do these workouts anywhere, With a weight resistance bands, you can exercise at any time without interrupting your fitness training.
  • 【Offer The Best Product and After-sales Service】When you used 300lbs resistance bands set, it worked great, please don't forget to recommend it to your friend because your friends will thank you! If you give it as a gift, your friend and family will scream with joy. Meanwhile, we’ve always been upholding the philosophy: Offer the best product and the most superior service. If you have any problems, be free to contact us. A refund or a replacement of workout bands will always be stress-free.

New upgrade 300lbs heavy resistance bands set for men, do you dare to challenge?

The heavy resistance band set was designed to help you push your limits and train harder than ever before! Come on!Let's challenge together!

Type: weight resistance band

Function: Improve muscle strength and body flexibility.

Principle: Elastic resistance changes with elongation

Applicable scenarios: outdoor, gym, home, company

The best resistance bands can give you a serious workout, without even having to go near the weight room in the gym. These seemingly simple sleeves of elastic can help you build lean muscle and increase overall mobility. They look unassuming, but they sit amongst the best home gym equipment you can get.

Heavy resistance bands come in a variety of lengths, strengths, and sizes, allowing you to customize your workout. They’re light and portable, so you can easily toss them into a backpack while traveling to and from the gym, plus, they also take up less space than other bulky gym gear, which is perfect if you live in an apartment (particularly a higher floor).

Package included:

6 x Resistance Bands 25LB , 35 LB , 45LB, 55LB, 65LB, 75LB

2 x Foam Handles

1 x Door Anchor

2 x Ankle Straps

1 x Carrying bag-for storage or travel

1 x Workout Guide

Function: Arms,Belly,Body,Comprehensive Fitness Exercise, park, work, travelling, staycations etc. With a resistance band, you can exercise at any time without interrupting your fitness training.